Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tool #11 Reflection

My favorite tool is the Digital Storytelling. I had so much fun making a book with a story and music to accompany the pictures I put into the book. I can see students using this in the classroom to create a book/story to share and present to others based on photo's they have taken about an activity that they have worked on in the class during one of our subject areas.

I love using technology in the classroom, but it is not always the easiest since Kinder kids are usually on so many different levels of usage and ability to complete individual tasks, however, since working on this online course I could see how all the different activities can be differentiated for the students based on their level of performance. I will continue to work on my comfort level and continue to try and work/play with the activities, because there is no way I will be an expert. I am sure some students will be able to help me guide others through the processes, which is how the students learn and support one another anyway.

I was surprised by some of the activities that are available that I had not idea about. I am very visual so I did have some difficulty with navagating through sites and continuously having to go back to previous pages to reread what was supposed to be done in which orders. I would have loved to have a printed version of all the steps to go back and read in front of me verus flipping back and forth on pages and losing some pages by hitting the back button. I would have printed, but I don't have a printer at home and I know that we are supposed to be paperless, but I think it would be easier for me to highlight the steps to directions so that when trying to teach this to students I won't be so scatterbrained because it will be right in front of me to walk them through each step easily without backstepping or confusing steps.

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  1. Yeah! You finished! Great point about differentiating projects and using students as peer tutors.